Where to find Bulk Stores ?

This summer when visiting Edinburgh I struggled to find package free food, especially fruits and veggies. In uk's supermarkets A LOT of produces are plastic packaged.  Which is a shame and some people are trying to change this culture.
But when fruits are plastic packaged together you can not find easily the one ready to eat, the one ripe just enough. As I was staying just for a few days I could not wait for them to ripe in a week time, I needed my fruits and veggies to be 'ready to eat'. So I desperately searched for bulk shops and Bea Johnson, the famous zero waste author, has a special online tool to help.

You enter your location name and the website comes up with bulk options near you. You can add shops if you know some, all you need is to create an account (takes a few seconds and just require an email adress).

Thanks to this tool I found an organic shop which sells fresh and delicious fruits and many other zero waste objects and produces. I found a charity bamboo toothbrush and loads of amazing skincare brands, cruelty and plastic free.
Well happy with my purchases I wandered around nearby and found, just up the street a corner shop selling vegetables and fruits in crate and not individually wrapped in plastic !

Thank goodness and the universe for sweet surprises and perfectly riped peach.


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