What I received for Christmas / ethical, cruelty-free, zerowaste gifts ideas

Hello there,
Christmas is way behind us now, how is it the 23th of January already ??, but I wanted to share what I received during this most wonderful  time of the year. I am not usually one to brag and shout about the gifts I receive, firstly because I find it quite personal, secondly because it is a bit touchy to show strangers a list of objects you were given.

This year thought I was particularly moved by my friends and family's choices. I had given them ideas but they truly impressed me.   
Being so open about zero waste, sustainability and now minimalism it could have been tricky to ask for a gift "not like this, and more like that". I went ahead and mid-november I asked people that usually give me gifts at christmas that if they were so kind to give me anything this year I would really appreciate to spend some time with them or if they wanted to I'd love a letter or some personal art. If they felt bewildered by this request I then asked for :
- nice food, 
- un-materialistic gifts : having tea together, going to an exhibition, visiting some park or famous monuments, learning something together,
- second-hand gifts
- practical books
- objects I will need when I move out like kitchen ustensiles.

My first wish being spending quality time with my loved ones, my Uni friends and I did organise quite the afternoon ! We gifted ourselves an escape game ! We spend the whole weekend watching films and munching homemade waffles in preparation of the Indiana Jones themed game ! It was such a great weekend trying to win that mayan skull that we sign up for another escape game next year !
Never thought zero waste or sustainability would bring me joy and laugh this quickly !

- Measuring glass, Pyrex
- Bamboo tootbrushes, The humble co.
- Vegan charcoal tootpaste, The humble co.
- Marseille soap (wrapped in old music shit !)

- Grow fruit, DK
- Christmas bee saver kit, Friends of the earth
- Recycled sari star ornement, Oxfam
- Worry people, made by native Peru people, Oxfam
- Marseille soap

- Dried tomatoes in bulk
- Camomille flowers in bulk
- Muscovado sugar in bulk
- Cute produce bag, Biocoop
- Chia seed from Peru !
- Garlic squeezer, found in a flea-market !

- One of my favourite (science) youtuber's book : 
Max Bird dézingue les idées reçues.


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